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Solve sticky application problems with 3M Tapes

There’s a world of tape out there with a universe of uses—and understanding the type of tape you need can be daunting. Good news—knowing a little can help a lot to ease your search for the right 3M tape.

Which is the best tape for my task?

Everything depends on the application. Do you want to bond, attach, seal, protect, mask, enhance, shield, reinforce, waterproof, package, splice or secure?

To get yourself on the road to the right tape, you’ll need to consider your project assembly goal. Being specific will help. For instance, say you want to bond heavyweight panels to walls while maintaining a sleek, simple aesthetic.

3M carries a line of industrial, high-strength, double-sided acrylic foam tapes called 3M VHB tapes. The tapes can replace traditional fasteners like bolts and rivets because of their strength. They can be used to join aluminum, steel, glass, plastics, painted and powder-coated surfaces.

Next, step beyond the bond for an overview of two different types of tape.

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Beyond the Bond

Get to know and understand some of the important characteristics of tape and a few common tape terms to help you make your selection. Learn about substrates and why they matter; why low-energy and high-energy surfaces have to be considered; and how environmental factors can help determine your choice of 3M tape.

Adhesive Transfer Tapes & Double-Coated Tapes

Double-sided tapes and adhesive transfer tapes (including laminating adhesives) improve overall design performance. Whether attaching graphics or laminating to foam gaskets, these tapes meet the challenge.

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Double-Sided Bonding Tapes

A strong and fast adhering tape coated on both sides with adhesive for permanent, structural and repositionable applications.

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Masking Tapes & Duct Tapes

Masking tape helps make sharp paint lines and removes easily without leaving residue.

Duct tape is a strong, multi-purpose tape used in many applications including securing and sealing in dry, low-temperature environments.

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Packaging Tapes

Packaging tapes seal boxes, attach packing lists and seal padded products. A must-have tape for any industry.

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Protective Films & Tapes

Tapes and films may be used to protect surfaces from scratches or paint overspray and to fashion a non-skid, high-abrasion and tear-resistant coating to protect floors and much more.

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Specialty Tapes

Inventive line of 3M tapes with advanced properties for solving a multitude of industrial challenges with speed and efficiency. Choose foil, vinyl, polyester or glass cloth tape.

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