Loctite® 1329222 Interface Cable, 76 in

All-Spec #: 1329222-30769 MFG #: 1329222
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The Loctite 1329222 is a interface cable for use with 200d series dispensing robots, 300d series dispensing robots, 400d series dispensing robots, syringe dispensers, spray controller, integrated semi-auto controllers, benchtop peristaltic dispenser and wand systems, 97006 precision syringe dispenser, 883976 digital syringe dispenser, 98521 spray valve controller, 98548 benchtop peristaltic dispenser, integrated semi-automatic dispense controllers, uv wand systems, 988000 solenoid valve module.

The Loctite 1329222 Features:
  • Interface Cable is designed for the line of 200D, 300D, and 400D Series Dispensing Robots
  • 25-pin male "D shell" electrical connector that connects into rear of Robot
  • 3-pin female round connector that connects into Robot
  • 9-pin male "D shell" electrical connector that connects into Dispensing unit or Solenoid Valve Module
The Loctite 1329222 Specifications:
  • Accessory Type: Interface Cable
  • For Use With: 200D Series Dispensing Robots, 300D Series Dispensing Robots, 400D Series Dispensing Robots, Syringe Dispensers, Spray Controller, Integrated Semi-Auto Controllers, Benchtop Peristaltic Dispenser and Wand Systems, 97006 Precision Syringe Dispenser, 883976
  • Color: Gray Black
  • Primary Color: Gray Black
  • Length: 76in
  • Applications: Dispensing