NR-300-A4 VOC-Free No-Clean Solder Flux, 5 Gallon Pail

All-Spec #: 116784-0005-1998 MFG #: 116784-0005
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Alpha® NR300A4 VOC Free, No-Clean, No Residue FluxFEATURES & BENEFITSVOC-FREE - HELPS MEET AIR QUALITY REGULATIONSNON-FLAMMABLE - ELIMINATES EQUIPMENT FIRES & ELIMINATES SPECIAL STORING REQUIREMENTSHIGH ACTIVITY - EXCELLENT SOLDERING, PARTICULARLY ON BARE COPPER BOARDSNO THINNERS REQUIRED - REDUCED OPERATING COSTS & LESS FREQUENT SOLIDS ANALYSIS REQUIREDNO VISIBLE RESIDUE - ACCURATE PIN TESTING & ENHANCED BOARD COSMETICS DESCRIPTIONAlpha® NR300A4 is an essentially VOC-free, halide-free, rosin/resin free, low solids, no-clean flux. It is formulated for wave soldering of through-hole, mixed technology and surface mount assemblies. Alpha® NR300A4 provides excellent soldering on bare copper boards with organic coatings. The soldering of bare copper boards is extremely difficult due to the thermal treatments which most boards have previously experienced (reflow and adhesive cure), which generates a strong oxide coating. The flux produces a tack-free surface with high surface insulation resistance and no residue to interfere with electrical testing. Alpha NR300A4 has a unique formulation that provides high activity with virtually no visible residue with most solder masks. Alpha® NR300A4 is supplied in a water based vehicle, free of organic solvents and is formulated to help meet the present and future volatile organic compound (VOC) emission regulations. The water vehicle results in a non-flammable product which does not require special storage conditions. A further unique property of the Alpha® NR300A4 formulation is its ability to keep the organic activator system in solution after being submitted to storage temperatures below freezing.Alpha® NR300A4 flux uses a unique blend of organic activators which significantly reduces solder bridging, icicling and solder balling on difficult to solder assemblies.Alpha® NR300A4 flux can be applied by spray or wave applications (not intended for foam application). Topside preheat temperatures of 93-104ï‚°C (200-220ï‚°F) for spray application and of 104-116°C (220-240°F) for wave application are recommended. The optimum preheat settings and conveyor speed required to completely evaporate the water vehicle will be dependent upon the particular wave solder machine being used and the assemblies being processed. Insufficient preheat will be evident by spattering during wave soldering.Alpha NR300A4 flux, unlike conventional fluxes, does not require frequent thinning. Flux solids can be monitored using Alpha's Flux Solids Control Kit #3. If thinning is required, the addition of deionized water is all that is necessary. Method 24 using ASTM test procedure D2369. Conventional alcohol-based low solids, no-clean fluxes typically have VOC content in excess of 95%For applications which specify cleaning, a plain heated water cleaning step after soldering will remove any slight traces of flux residues.PHYSICAL PROPERTIESAppearance - Clear, colorless liquidSolids Content, wt/wt - 4.0%Specific Gravity @ 25ï‚°C (77C) - 1.010 +/- 0.003Acid Number (mg KOH/g) - 35.6 +/- 2.0Halides - NONEFlash Point (T.C.C.) - NONECORROSION AND ELECTRICAL TESTINGCORROSION TESTINGTest - Requirement & ResultsCopper Mirror Test No complete removal of copper - Passes(Modified IPC/Bellcore Method)Halide-silver chromate paper method, No detection of halide - Passes IPC-TM 650 Test Method 2.3.33SURFACE INSULATION RESISTANCEMethod Conditions Requirement ResultsIPC-SF-818, Class 3 85C/85% RH, 7 days 1.0 X 108 min. 5.1 X 109PACKAGINGAlpha NR300A4 flux is available in 1, 5 and 55 gallon containers.SAFETYStandard precautions should be observed, such as use in well ventilated areas and avoidance of prolonged or repeated contact with skin. Safety glasses and neoprene gloves should be worn when handling the material.2 Passes the copper mirror test when the same flux formulation is prepared using isopropyl alcohol instead of water. Also passes the copper mirror test when the same flux formulation is reconstituted with isopropyl alcohol after evaporation of its water vehicle at 85ï‚°C.
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