3M Tapes

Solve sticky application problems with 3M Tapes

Adhesive Transfer Tapes & Double-Coated Tapes

Double-sided tapes and adhesive transfer tapes (including laminating adhesives) improve overall design performance. Whether attaching graphics or laminating to foam gaskets, these tapes meet the challenge.

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Double-Sided Bonding Tapes

A strong and fast adhering tape coated on both sides with adhesive for permanent, structural and repositionable applications.

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Masking Tapes & Duct Tapes

Masking tape helps make sharp paint lines and removes easily without leaving residue.

Duct tape is a strong, multi-purpose tape used in many applications including securing and sealing in dry, low-temperature environments.

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Packaging Tapes

Packaging tapes seal boxes, attach packing lists and seal padded products. A must-have tape for any industry.

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Protective Films & Tapes

Tapes and films may be used to protect surfaces from scratches or paint overspray and to fashion a non-skid, high-abrasion and tear-resistant coating to protect floors and much more.

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Specialty Tapes

Inventive line of 3M tapes with advanced properties for solving a multitude of industrial challenges with speed and efficiency. Choose foil, vinyl, polyester or glass cloth tape.

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Beyond the Bond

Get to know and understand some of the important characteristics of tape and a few common tape terms to help you make your selection. Learn about substrates and why they matter; why low-energy and high-energy surfaces have to be considered; and how environmental factors can help determine your choice of 3M tape.