Ensure performance and compliance with Alpha Telecore XL-825 cored solder wire.

Meet JIS Class AA requirements and comply to IPC flux ROL1 classification with one of the best performing products from Alpha. The Telecore XL-825 is a fast-wetting, low-spattering cored solder wire, ideal for “drag soldering” technique robotic soldering.»Shop Now

Why choose Alpha Telecore XL-825?

  • Clear non-tacky residue makes inspection easy
  • Very fast wetting for high throughput
  • Good spread characteristics for excellent first pass solder joints
  • No-clean formula leaves no residue
  • Very low flux spatter for fewer residues on boards and improved safety
  • Very low levels of fumes make working environments cleaner
  • Vanilla scent improves comfort and user experience
  • Provides good joint appearance
Download Alpha XL-825 TDS

Excellent performance for these soldering applications:

Point Soldering

Through-hole Soldering

Drag Soldering

Automated Robotic Soldering

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