BVX Series ESD Fume Extractor, Pre-HEPA-Gas, For Two Stations

All-Spec #: BVX-201-33709 MFG #: BVX-201 Alternate Part #:
  • BVX-201
  • BVX201
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The BVX-201 Fume Extraction System is a revolutionary two-arm unit that co mbines powerful fan performance with efficient filtration, quiet operation and complete portability. They can be placed under or next to the bench-top and fitted with either two 50mm (2") diameter BVX arms or one Omniflex ar m. Using the proven motor of the BVX-100 Series Fume Extraction Systems, t he BVX-200 Series Fume Extraction Systems add a proprietary one-stage impe ller design that doubles the total free-blowing airflow. The result is a m aximum free-blowing airflow of 250m3/h (150cfm), with a maximum suction force of 850 Pa (3.5"WC). This suction force provides ample capab ility in reserve to handle any clogging that may occur during the normal l ife of the filter.
The BVX-201 Fume Extraction System is designed mainly for solder fumes and incorporates both pre- and main filters which can be changed independentl y to maximise the working life of each filter and lower the total cost of ownership. The main filter (FM-BVX200) has a HEPA efficiency greater than 99.5%, plus an activated carbon filter to remove additional gases.

Static Pressure (suction force) 850 Pa (3.5"WC)
Fan Capacity 250m3/h (150cfm)
Flow Rate (with Filter) 2 x 75m3/h (45 cfm)
Air Inlets/Number of Stations 2
Noise Level < 55 db A
Dimensions (W x D x H) 508mm x 254mm x 388mm (20" x 10" x 15.3")
Weight 9kg (20 lbs)
Voltage 100 - 240VAC
Frequency 50 - 60Hz
Certification UL, CSA, CE
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Carton Quantity: 1
  • Brand Name: Metcal
  • ESD-Safe: Yes
  • Voltage Rating: 100 - 240 V
  • Applications: For Used Next to Workbenches
  • Filter Type: HEPA
  • Noise Level: < 55 dBA
  • Width: 20in
  • Height: 15.3125 in
  • Manufacturer: Metcal