DSC Series Desolder Tip, Standard, 10.41mm x 2.29mm, for MX-DS1 & CV-H5-DS

DSC-8CN0015S-33709 MFG #: DSC-8CN0015S
$74.50 / PC
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  • Brand Name: Metcal
  • Series: DSC
  • Product Type: Desoldering Tip

The Metcal DSC-8CN0015S is a standard desolder tip cartridge designed for use with the MX-DS1 and CV-H5-DS desolder hand piece. The cartridges provide data via the CV series power supplies. The tips use Smart Heat Technology to deliver precise quantity and flow of thermal energy without any adjustment or calibration to both the iron and power supply.

Metcal DSC-8CN0015S Features:
  • DSC Cartridges are compatible with MX-500, MX-5000, MX-5200 and CV5200 Systems
  • The Cartridges are designed for use with MX-DS1 and CV-H5-DS hand pieces
  • Standard desoldering tips are ideal for most general desoldering applications
Metcal DSC-8CN0015S Specifications:
  • Maximum Temperature: + 468 C
  • Tip/Nozzle Width: 2.29mm
  • Tip/Nozzle Length: 10.41mm
  • Type: Standard
Pack: Piece