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Open Top Metal-Out Cushioned Static Shielding Bag, 8 x 7", 100 per Package

2120R-8X7-15078 MFG #: 2120R 8X7
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The SCS 2120R 8X7 is a pack of open top metal-out cushioned static shielding bags.

SCS 2120R 8X7 Features:
  • Use when physical protection as well as static shielding is required
  • Five-layer construction protects against direct discharge, triboelectric charge generation and static fields
  • Smooth anti static inner layer minimizes snagging of pins or sharp edges
  • Open-cell cushioning structure provides physical shock protection even when punctured
  • Metallized layer: <102 ohms/sq
  • Anti-static inner layer: <1010 ohms
  • Anti-static outer layer: <1011 ohms
  • Closure type: Open top
  • Total thickness: 125 mils (3.15mm)
  • Opening width: 8"
  • Inside length: 7"
  • 100 per package
Pack: Unit