MAGSNAP 360° Dual Conductor Metal Magnetic Wrist Strap with 6' Cord, Medium

TM2229-15078 MFG #: 2229
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  • Brand Name: SCS
  • Material Category: Metal
  • Cord Length: 6ft
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The SCS 2229 is a 360° MagSnap metal wrist strap kit, medium band with 6ft coil cord.SCS 2229 Features:
  • 360° Rotation between wristband and coil cord for comfort, freedom, and reduced strain of the operator
  • Magnetic connection between wristband and coil cord creating a superior electrical connection to eliminate intermittent failures
  • Dual wire metal expansion wristband and coil cord creating a path-to-ground for an operator with resistance
  • Metal expansion wristband with medical grade series stainless steel back plate and links
  • 3.5mm Right angle mono plug connector with relaxed retraction coil cord
  • Date coded to provide the lifespan of the product for tracking and quality control
  • Meets UL requirements to ensure proper safety
  • Made in the U.S.
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