3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Epoxy Adhesive DP460 Off-White, 400 mL, 6 per case

00021200878312-31196 MFG #: DP460
$175.83 / EA
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  • Brand Name: 3M Scotch-Weld
  • Series: 460
  • Product Type: Epoxy Adhesive
  • Hardness: 75 to 80Shore D
  • Material Compatibility: Wood, Metal, Glass, Stone, Plastics
  • Color: Part A:Amber; Part B:White
  • Primary Color: Part A:Amber; Part B:White
  • Mix Ratio: 2:1
  • Physical Form: Part A:Liquid/Viscous Liquid; Part B:Liquid/Paste
  • Cure Time: 24h
  • Setting Time: 15-Air; 10-Forcemin
  • Viscosity Measurement: Part A:8500 to 13000; Part B:20000 to 50000cP
  • Shelf Life: 455 Days From Date of Shipment by Hisco, 730 Days From Date of Shipment by Hisco
  • Chemical Composition: Part A:Modified Epoxy Resin, 4,7,10-Trioxatridecane-1,13-Diamine, Amorphous Silica, 2,4,6-Tris((Dimethylamino)-Methyl)Phenol; Part B:Epoxy Resin, Acrylic Polymer
  • Specific Gravity: Part A:1.09; Part B:1.14
  • VOCs Content: Part B:5g/L
  • Odor: Part A:Very Mild Pungent; Part B:Very Mild
  • Peel Strength: 60lb/in
  • Cure Type: Oven 73°F
  • Dielectric Strength: 1100V/mil
  • Container Capacity: 400ml
  • Container Type: Duo-Pak
  • Applications: Hard Disk Drive Component Assembly, Joining, Gluing, Attaching, Assembling, Encapsulating, Potting, Sealing
  • Package Quantity: 6CA
  • Container Size: 400 mL
  • Maximum Storage Temperature: 80
  • Minimum Storage Temperature: 60

3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Epoxy Adhesive DP460 is a toughened, two-part epoxy adhesive with a 2:1 mix ratio, 60 minute work life and handling strength in approximately four hours. This product provides a strong, durable bond to many surfaces.

3M DP460 Features:
  • 60 minute work life with handling strength in four hours allows sufficient time for re-positioning
  • Toughened for impact resistance and high fatigue resistance to withstand demanding conditions
  • Outstanding environmental performance
  • High peel and shear strength for strong bonds in critical applications
  • UL-HB Certified, ASTM E162, ASTM E662, Bombardier SMP 800C, Boeing BSS 7239
3M DP460 Specifications:
  • Brand: Scotch-Weld™
  • Product Type: Epoxy Adhesive
  • Color: Off-White
  • Hardness: 75-80 Shore D
Pack: Case