3M™ Maintenance Adhesive Kit TPA150

00054007558804-31196 MFG #: TPA-150
$68.89 / KT
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  • Brand Name: 3M
  • Series: TPA-150
  • Product Type: Epoxy Adhesive Kit
  • Color: Part A:White; Part B:Black
  • Primary Color: Part A:White; Part B:Black
  • Physical Form: Part A:Liquid; Part B:Liquid/Paste
  • Shelf Life: 1825 Days From Date of Manufacture
  • Chemical Composition: Part A:Epoxy Resin, Kaolin; Part B:Polymeric Diamine, Bis(3-Aminopropyl) Ether Of Diethylene Glycol, Dimethyl Siloxane, Rx Product W/Silica, Kaolin, Carbon Black, Toluene
  • Specific Gravity: Part A:1.17; Part B:1.26
  • Odor: Part A:Very Slight; Part B:Amine
  • Container Capacity: 1.67oz
  • Container Type: Dup-Pak
  • Maximum Storage Temperature: 80
  • Minimum Storage Temperature: 50
  • Storage Conditions: <75% R.H.

3M™ TPA 150 adhesive is a two part, epoxy adhesive system adhesive with cure conditions ranging from 24 hours at room temperature to only 30 minutes at 150 deg C. TPA 150 adhesive is a high temperature adhesive which maintains bond integrity from 55 deg C to 150 deg C. It is normally used in high temperature systems such as with the Polyester Blend tubings. The TPA 150 adhesive is packaged in cartridges for use with a 3M Scotch Weld Applicator EPX. This application system simultaneously meters and mixes the adhesives as it is applied, eliminating waste and the need for separate mixing equipment.

3M TPA-150 Features:
    3M TPA-150 Specifications:
    • Product Type: Electrical Resin
    • Part Number: TPA150
    Pack: Kit