567™ General Purpose, High Temperature Thread Sealant, 50 mL Tube

567-50-30769 MFG #: 2087067
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  • Brand Name: Loctite
  • Product Type: Thread Sealants
  • Shelf Life: 730 Days From Date of Manufacture
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Storage Conditions: Well ventilated space; keep cool; away from heat, sparks and open flame

The Loctite 2087067 is a general purpose, high-temperature thread sealant. This material cures in the absence of air and by the contact with metal threads and is ideal for sealing coarse threads up to M80/R3".

Loctite 2087067 Features:
  • Instantly provides a low pressure seal
  • Won't shrink, creep, or block systems
  • UL approved
  • Prevents loosening and leakage due to vibration and shock
Loctite 2087067 Specifications:
  • Series: 567
  • Container Type: Tube
  • Container Size: 50mL
  • Viscosity: High
  • Application: Threa sealing
  • Strength: Low
  • Color: Off-white
Pack: Case