3M™ Scotchkote™ Fusion-Bonded Epoxy Rebar Coating 426, Fast 65 lb Box

7000135597-31180 MFG #: 7000135597
$8.44 / LB
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  • Brand Name: 3M
  • Product Type: Epoxy Adhesives
  • Shelf Life: 365 Days From Date of Manufacture

3M™ Scotchkote™ 426 Fusion-Bonded Epoxy Coating is a one-part, heat curable, thermosetting epoxy coating designed for improved corrosion protection for "after-fab" application. Scotchkote™ 426 is resistant to cathodic disbondment and corrosive agents such as deicing salts, airborne salt spray, sea water, harsh chemicals, acid rain, carbonation, contaminated aggregate, and concrete additives.

3M 7000135597 Features:
  • Provides superior resistance from disbondment without pretreatments
  • Superior for prefabricated steel reinforcement
  • Good corrosion protection, even under hot, wet, salty conditions
  • Easy visual inspection of reinforcement surfaces
  • Color coded for easy identification of prefabricated reinforcement
  • Consistent performance test results under all application conditions
  • Resistance to cathodic disbondment and hot-water immersion adhesion loss
3M 7000135597 Specifications:
  • Product Type: Ready to use
Pack: Case