Techspray Cleaners

Techspray delivers innovative and eco-friendly technology for powerful cleaning

You can now leverage high performance cleaning and safety with powerful yet ecological cleaners, degreasers and flux removers from Techspray. With their environmentally friendly and biodegradable formulas, Techspray products are non-flammable and much safer for personnel and the environment than the most common industrial solvents.

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Stronger, nonflammable & cost-effective cleaner

  • Specially designed for aviation degreasing applications.
  • Clean heavy oils, greases and fluxes quickly and safely.
  • PWR cleaning solvents are a safer replacement for toxic products nPB, TCE and Perc.

Fast evaporating, non-residue & nonflammable cleaner

  • Powerful spray solvent that blasts off residues and cleans areas under components without brushing or scrubbing. Used for degreasing and contact cleaning.
  • Remove heavy greases from parts and equipment.
  • EPA and SNAP approved.

Nonflammable & high-precision cleaner

  • Effective on the most difficult no-clean flux residues.
  • Fast, residue-free evaporation.
  • Low GWP (global warming potential), non-ozone depleting.

Powerful & lower cost yet flammable cleaner

  • Powerful cleaner for RMA, no-clean & OA fluxes.
  • Safe on plastics.
  • Fast evaporation.

Nonflammable, eco-friendly & high-performance cleaners

  • Highly concentrated water-based defluxers with low VOC and zero GWP.
  • Improve PCB reliability.
  • Increase dilution and line speeds, reduce wastewater and eliminate field failures due to ionic contamination.

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