Techspray - Activate your savings and cleaning capabilities - Save up to 15% on your favorite cleaners - E-Line, G3, PWR-4 and IPA Wipes

Discover the unmatched performance of Techspray solvent solutions

Looking for a tough cleaner—but with certain chemical characteristics? Choose from some of Techspray's most powerful degreasers, contact cleaners and flux removers—all specially designed to meet your cleaning specifications.

E-Line – when you want an economical and effective way to clean but don't require a non-flammable solvent

G3 – when you need a cleaner with low toxicity levels, choose this powerful and non-flammable cleaner; contains no HCF-141b, HCFC-225, nPB, TCE or Perc

PWR-4 – when you require a safer, non-flammable and lower-cost cleaner that eliminates oil, grease, flux, silicone, dirt and grime; no TCE, nPB, Perc or Methylene Chloride

Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) Wipes – 99.8% - choose from several sizes and convenient containers

E-Line Solvent Cleaners
Product # Description Size
1610-12S E-Line IPA Electronic Cleaner 12 oz
1620-10S E-Line Blue Shower Cleaner/Degreaser 10 oz
1621-10S E-Line Flux Remover 10 oz
1621-10SB E-Line Flux Remover w/Brush Attachment 10 oz
1622-10S E-Line Contact Cleaner 10 oz
1622-13S E-Line Contact Cleaner 13 oz
G3 Solvent Cleaners
1630-16S G3 Blue Shower Cleaner/Degreaser 16 oz
1631-16S G3 Flux Remover 16 oz
1631-5S G3 Flux Remover 5 oz
1631-16SB G3 Flux Remover w/Brush Attachment 16 oz
1632-16S G3 Contact Cleaner 16 oz
1634-12S G3 No-Clean Flux Remover 12 oz
1635-20S G3 Ind Maintenance Cleaner 20 oz
PWR-4 Solvent Cleaner
3400-20S PWR-4 Industrial Maintenance Cleaner 20 oz
IPA Wipes
1608-100DSP IPA Cleaning Wipes - Pop-up Tub 100 ct
1608-100FL IPA Cleaning Wipes - Flip-top Tub 100 ct
1608-100R IPA Cleaning Wipes - Refill 100 ct
1610-100DSP IPA Wipes - Pop-up Tub 100 ct
1610-100FL IPA Wipes - Flip-top Tub 100 ct
1610-100R IPA Wipes - Refill 100 ct
1610-50PK IPA Wipes 50 ct