3M Tapes

Adhesive Transfer Tapes & Double-Coated Tapes

Extremely versatile, pressure-sensitive tapes for use in multiple applications. Choose from an array of colors and structures to meet your specific need.

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Adhesive Transfer Tapes

Coated with adhesive on both sides, usually on a film or paper carrier; a pressure-sensitive adhesive is layered onto a release liner and wound onto a roll. A release liner is always part of the transfer tape structure.

Examples of user - gasketing, sealing and mounting

  • Excellent conformability
  • Temperature resistance
  • High shear strength and adhesion
  • High performance for attachment of durable graphics

Double-Coated Tapes

Coated on both sides with pressure-sensitive adhesive; good for a variety of surfaces. The backing is typically a polymeric film and the adhesive (acrylic, rubber or silicone) may be the same or different on either side of the carrier, i.e. one side rubber, one side acrylic.

Examples of use - carpet installation

  • Good shear strength and adhesion
  • High initial tack
  • Immediate and permanent bond

Extended-Liner Tapes

The liners of these 3M tapes exceed the width of the adhesive to provide easy-to-grab edges for liner removal. They may be high-tack for coated papers and plastics or low-tack for temporary attachment.

ATG Tapes

Versatile, general-purpose adhesive transfer film tape. Bonds on contact and works on a variety of substrates and material combinations.


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