Advancements in Packaging Technology Driven By Global Market Return

This article is based on an original publication by Henkel.

With an emphasis on new technologies, the IC packaging and design industry continues to experience accelerated growth while materials suppliers invest their resources into delivering market-ready materials. Recent innovations include Wafer Backside Coating Technology (WBC), compression mold materials, electrically conductive adhesives for assembly of photovoltaic modules, thermo-compression flip-chip and epoxy flux technology for improved reliability solder interconnections.

Wafer Backside Coating Technology

While technicians have used traditional silver-filled die attach adhesives to bond ICs to leadframes and laminate substrates for decades, the WBC technology addresses a number of issues in the conventional process. Traditionally, paste is dispensed onto the leadframe, and the chip is placed into the paste. The pad must be significantly larger than the chip to allow for the flow of the paste and the formation of a fillet around the die edge. And, the die must be thin enough to prevent the paste from flowing onto the top of the chip. During a WBC application, a b-stage paste is coated on the backside of a wafer prior to dicing. The development of wafer backside coating materials has facilitated thinner bondlines, lower total package cost and improved manufacturing throughput.


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