Alpha's most-recommended cored solder wire

Flux cored solder from Alpha Assembly Solutions sets a new standard in performance and reliability. A superior electrical gateway begins with the clear choice in component attach, rework and touch-ups. Make quick work of high-stress joints with Alpha’s portfolio of quick wetting, environmentally-compliant and water-soluble solutions. »Shop All Cored Wire

Why choose ALPHA Telecore HF-850

  • Cleaner working environment
  • Clear residue for easy inspection
  • Complies to IPC J-STD-004 ROL0 standard
  • Fast wetting
  • Halogen- and Halide-free
  • High reliability
  • Low spatter
  • Low fumes
  • No-clean
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Why choose ALPHA Telecore XL-825

  • Clear residue for easy inspection
  • Conforms to JIS Grade AA standard
  • Fast wetting
  • Good spread
  • Higher first-pass yields
  • Low spatter
  • No-clean
  • Vanilla scented
  • Very low fumes
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  Alloy Description Flux% Item Number
Telecore HF-850 SAC 305 Lead-free; No-clean P2 160152
Telecore HF-850 SACX 0307 Lead-free; No-clean P2 160142
Telecore HF-850 SnCX Plus 07 Lead-free; No-clean P3 175872
Telecore HF-850 Sn63/Pb37 Tin/Lead; No-clean P2 160132
Telecore XL-825 SAC 305 Lead-free; No-clean P3 155519
Pure Core SAC 305 Lead-free; Water soluble P3 144118
Pure Core Sn63/Pb37 Tin/Lead; No-clean P3 110339