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Keep hands safe and protected with Ansell gloves

Just like our eyesight, the full functioning of our hands is essential to safely perform many jobs and tasks, especially in today’s industrial sector. It’s the reason behind Ansell’s dedication to developing industry-specific protective gloves based on the hazardous conditions that workers are exposed to every day to meet their safety requirements and ensure injury avoidance.

Ansell offers the broadest, most innovative product range of gloves to protect worker hands from hazardous chemicals and materials, combining strength, dexterity, and tactility.

And with more patents than any other manufacturer in the areas of mechanical, chemical, oil and gas, single use, cleanroom, and surgical, Ansell gloves provide optimal hand protection that keeps workers comfortable and productive.


Optimal hand protection

Higher level of dexterity

Ideal fit and comfort

Excellent tactile sense

Strong grip

Easy donning

Why Choose Ansell Gloves?

Ansell spends time side-by-side with workers on the job across a range of different industries to develop a deeper understanding their day-to-day experiences and challenges then transform these insights into new technologies and products.

The combination of Ansell’s engineering capabilities, safety focus, and customer intimacy helps improve your business performance.

  • Ansell solutions and services deliver improved performance for injury avoidance
  • Broad process engineering know-how based on industry-leading safety practices
  • Available products for every industry sector featuring our cutting-edge innovation
  • Market-leading regulatory know-how