Bench Comparison

All-Spec offers a variety of affordable bench types including the economy, heavy duty and phenolic resin. Both the economy and heavy duty benches are available in either ESD-safe or non ESD-safe work surface options. These benches have the All-Spec blue frame with a white work surface, while the phenolic resin benches have a slate grey frame with the choice of either a white or black phenolic resin work surface.

Each type of bench is offered in 15 sizes, all with adjustable heights. All of these benches are customizable with many accessories to choose from.

All-Spec Economy Benches

Economy Bench
  • 1000 pound capacity
  • 14 gage steel legs and apron
  • Starting at $179.92

All-Spec Heavy Duty Benches

Heavy Duty Bench
  • 5000 pound capacity
  • 16 gage steel legs and apron
  • Starting at $330.53

All-Spec Chemical Resistant Phenolic Resin Benches

Phenolic Bench
  • Surface resistant to abrasion, acids, solvents, alkalis and general reagents
  • See Chemical Resistant Properties
  • Available in both Economy and Heavy Duty
  • Starting at $359.72