Make quick work of cleaning with our smart, effective electronics cleaners

When it comes to cleaning sensitive electronics, there’s no room for error. Clean with confidence, and trust in All-Spec — after all, we’re the electronics assembly specialists. Our expert range of chemical and manual electronics cleaners ensures you’ll discover a fast, powerful solution that’s simply brilliant.

Chemically Clean

Flux Removers

Ideal for use with PCBs and other sensitive electronic components and devices, flux removers help to ensure reliability while minimizing risk of corrosion and circuit failure.

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Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA)

Fast-drying and multi-purpose, IPAs are used to clean everything from fiber optics to PCBs, effectively eliminating flux residues, oil and grease.

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Stencil Cleaners

Remove solder paste from fine-pitch stencils or clean misprinted PCBs through highly effective chemical or manual processes.

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An essential for electronic components, sensitive equipment and precision devices, electronics degreaser effectively removes heavy oils and greasy residues to improve overall reliability.

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Contact Cleaners

Powerful and highly effective, contact cleaners improve the performance of electrical switches and other sensitive equipment by eliminating oxidation and blasting away oils and residues.

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Ultrasonic Cleaners & Accessories

Safely, effectively remove residues, contaminants and debris from post-reflowed circuit assemblies while enhancing reliability and minimizing rework.

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Manually Clean

Aerosol Duster

Blast away dirt, dust and debris quickly and easily with compressed gas aerosol dusters designed for use with an expansive range of sensitive and electronics equipment.

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Clean sensitive contact surfaces properly with swabs designed for static control, cleanroom use, lint control and more.

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From general purpose to cleanroom use, electronics wipes remove smudges and debris delicately and work with a range of equipment.

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Brush away oxidation, oil and debris with high-precision, non-shedding brushes designed for cleaning and coating applications in electronics assembly.

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ESD Vacuum

Designed for use in static-sensitive areas, ESD vacuum cleaners quickly and precisely collect dust and debris from equipment and components.

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