ESD Tapes

Build your defense against static. Take charge with ESD tapes.

In the world of electronics assembly and production, for every action there’s a reaction including electrostatic discharge (ESD) created by unwinding and dispensing tape. We have the essential anti-static tapes and tape dispensers for cleanrooms and other ESD-sensitive areas and devices. Whether you need to shield, mark or insulate, you’ll find the exact tape to fit your application.

Anti-Static Tapes

Find a wide selection of anti-static tapes—from printed or unprinted transparent tapes to wave solder masking discs and more.

Polyimide Tapes

Protect, insulate, reinforce and more with ESD tapes designed for heat, chemical, puncture and tear resistance.

Conductive Grid Tapes

Choose from thermally conductive, anisotropic, lead, copper or aluminum foil tapes. Use them to protect against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and to shield electronic equipment such as pins, connectors and plugs.

Low-Static Masking Tapes

An exellent general-purpose, low-static tape to use in ESD-sensitive environments. Use them to mask solder from edge connectors, holes and other PCB areas during wave soldering.

Wave Solder Masking Discs

Select from general powder-coated to high-temperature–resistant wave solder masking discs for grounding during PCB assembly and more.

Aisle Tapes

Protect static-controlled areas with printed and non-printed aisle tapes that provide visual warning to those nearing ESD-sensitive environments.

ESD Tape Dispensers

Choose from steel body, single- or double-spooled, and automatic dispensers including widths to fit different-sized tape.