Stay grounded with high-performance ESD wrist straps

Static control has never been within closer reach — and, we’ve made it easier than ever. Here at All-Spec you’ll find the essential anti-static wrist straps to complete any ESD prevention plan, whatever your budget. We offer hundreds of choices, including both single- and dual-conductor options, with selections from the industry’s most trusted brands, like Desco, Botron and SCS.

Single-Conductor Wrist Straps

  • Include a single conductor housed within the coil cord
  • Cost-effective with low life-cycle cost
  • Ideal for non-critical applications
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Dual-Conductor Wrist Straps

  • Feature two conductors housed within coil cord
  • Provide a redundant path-to-ground to ensure consistent protection
  • Essential for static-sensitive, critical applications
  • Used alongside dual-wire continuous monitors for optimal protection
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