Get a handle on tough jobs with Excelta custom tools

Struggling to find just the right tool for a specific application? Excelta offers the solution. Through their custom design service you'll partner with an expert to create the ideal cutters, pliers or tweezers based on your application schematics. Or, consult with a designer who will diagnose your specific pain points to create the precise tool for your unique conditions. Cut, extract, crimp or place challenging parts with precision and ease using a tool that's created just for you — with a low, minimum order of just $150.


Why choose Excelta?

  • Low minimum order of $150
  • Made in the USA (CA)
  • Expert design consultations
  • Increase efficiency, reliability & accuracy
  • Made-to-order specs & capabilities
  • Application-specific for enhanced efficiency
  • Versatile for a range of tasks
  • Excelta precison and quality

Design just the right tool at just the right price.