FT Series Heavy Duty 2-Layer Diss/Cond Rubber Matting, .080 Thick

This ESD-safe matting has a durable 2-layer rubber construction that is resistant to heat and most chemicals found in electronics manufacturing, service, repair and testing. The dissipative top layer ensures the safety of your static sensitive devices by slowly transferring any buildup in electrical potential and passing it to the conductive bottom layer, which quickly drains the charge to ground. All-Spec Industries is stocking both rolls and worktop mat kits (which include a ground cord, wrist strap and installed snaps) in a variety of colors and sizes. Custom mat sizes are also available.

Additional FT Series Features:

  • Increased durability provided by the .080" material thickness
  • Chemical, heat and UV resistant
  • Lightly textured surface
  • Non-glossy surface for user comfort
  • Very flexible
  • Available in Grey, Light Blue and Dark Blue
  • Electrical properties are temperatures and humidity independent
  • RTT: < 107 ohms
  • RTG: < 104 ohms
Sierra FT Series Matting
Sierra FT Series Matting