Increase Process Control and Lower Cost of Ownership

This white paper is based on an original publication by Ed Zamborsky of OK International

With consumer demand for lower-cost technology and a manufacturing focus on high margins and productivity, the need for process control is more vital than ever. Even in this struggle, the hand soldering function can be easily overlooked. Older soldering systems are still utilized in many factories far beyond their intended lifetime - which can result in higher operating costs and decreased productivity.

Frequently outdated stations are used, often improperly, by untrained operators. The impending result is a station set to maximum temperature as an operator attempts to increase thru-put without realizing the damage caused to delicate components and boards - which illustrates the need for simple yet high performance soldering systems in the modern production facility.

What makes a high performance system simple? Heat delivery is a major component, and a direct power soldering system based on technology like SmartHeat® by Metcal is optimal to ensure maximum performance. SmartHeat® systems react directly to the varying power demands across the circuit board to provide the correct soldering temperature without overheating components, all with the fastest recovery time possible.

Once the power supply is on, the frequency output prompts the heater to warm up for soldering. Because the proprietary coating acts as the heater's controller, there are no heater controls to go out of specification. As the heater warms and the coating reaches its curie point, a precise amount of power is then directed to the solder joint while maintaining a set temperature of ±2°C. Due to this variable power, operators can perform continuous soldering tasks without wait time, eliminating cold solder joints or the need to increase temperatures for lead-free applications.


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