Conquer corrosion. Lubricate & protect with Jet-Lube anti-seize.

Galling and seizing setbacks can bring business to a halt. Stop rust and corrosion before they begin, and protect your fasteners, connectors and components with Jet-Lube anti-seize, lubricants, sealants and more. An industry leader for more than 60 years, Jet-Lube designs premium formulas that are uniquely engineered to deter damage in harsh environments and demanding applications.

Jet-Lube Kopr-Kote®

Industrial Anti-Seize, Thread Lubricant

Low-friction and environmentally sound, Kopr-Kote is ideally suited for threaded connections, pump housings, flanges, studs and other industrial applications.

Jet-Lube 550® Extreme

Non-Metallic Anti-Seize, Petrochemical Grade

Ideal for use with steel, aluminum, copper, brass and other alloys, 550 Extreme offers exceptional protection against rust, wear, seizure and heat freeze.

Jet-Lube SS-30

Pure Copper, High-Temperature Anti-Seize & Gasket Compound

A non-melting, non-volatile base grease, SS-30 is a conductive compound engineered to protect against seizures, galling and heat freeze while providing hydraulic efficiency.

Jet-Lube Nikal®

High-Temperature Anti-Seize & Gasket Compound

Engineered for use in extreme conditions, Nikal protects against rust from water penetration or wash-off while ensuring hydraulic efficiency. Nikal may be used where copper products are prohibited.

Jet-Lube Silver Plus

Economy-Grade Anti-Seize Compound

Comprised of micro-sized aluminum components with extreme-pressure, anti-wear attributes, Silver Plus was designed to protect threads against corrosion, seizing and galling.

Jet-Lube Silicone Compound DM

Moisture-Proofing Sealant & Lubricant

A dielectric, translucent paste and sealant with excellent lubricating properties, Silicone Compound DM offers exceptional insulation and protection for electrical connectors.

Jet-Lube MP Silicone Grease

Moisture-Proofing, Non-Conductive Lubricant

Highly water-resistant with low volatility, MP Silicone is a premium grease designed for use with a range of elastomers and plastics, and offers exceptional insulation for electrical connectors and assemblies.

Jet-Lube V-2 Thread Sealant

Multi-Purpose PTFE Thread Sealant

Non-toxic and environmentally sound, this high-performing thread sealant is lead-free, soft-setting and easily applied/brushable, even at low temperatures. For use with a range of materials and applications.

Jet-Lube 769 Lubricant®

Lubricant & Penetrant

A thin, non-greasy film designed for excellent adhesion to metal surfaces, 769 Trigger Sprayer eliminates moisture and prevents corrosion, even in environments with elevated salt levels.

Jet-Lube Food Grade Silicone

Food Grade Lubricant

Developed for use in food-related environments, Jet-Lube Food Grade Silcone offers safe, exceptional lubrication for processing equipment without melting, freezing or staining.

Jet-Lube PS Terminal

Electrical Contact Cleaner

Non-flammable and residue-free, PS Terminal penetrates and eliminates dirt, grease and contaminants. With a 35,000V dielectric strength, this formula is intended for all metals and most plastics.

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