From standard to sophisticated, Loctite dispensers deliver accuracy for any application.

Metered Dispensing Equipment

Designed for convenience and precision, Loctite metered dispensing equipment incorporates volumetric technology for unparalleled performance. »Shop Now

Manual Dispensing Guns

Lightweight and ergonomically crafted, Loctite’s handheld dispensers offer simple, precise and clean application of fluids directly from their packaging. »Shop Now

Powered Dispensing Guns

Ergonomically engineered to reduce waste while improving precision, Loctite pneumatic dispensers deliver accuracy with the touch of a button. »Shop Now

Dispensing Needles

Available in a range of types, lengths and gauges, Loctite high-precision, stainless steel tips feature helical thread Luer-Lok hubs for enhanced reliability. »Shop Now

Mixing Nozzles

For combination of two-component products, Loctite static mixers are offered for a range of product viscosities, mix ratios and cure rates. »Shop Now

Pinpoint the most accurate Loctite dispenser for your application.