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For instant gratification—in your adhesives—trust the name you instantly recognize. Loctite.

Loctite brand industrial adhesives from Henkel hold up to the challenges of today's fast-paced electronics industry. Loctite dispenses the solutions that conform to exacting standards in your semiconductor and electronics assembly environments.

You know Loctite. Proven, reliable, compatible. And, when things change in your operations-because they always do-you can turn on a dime with state-of-the-art Loctite solutions that'll keep you competitive-instantly.

All-Spec's new, bigger selection makes it easy to compete in any situation.


Instant Adhesives

Make quick work of your work with these instant but long-lasting adhesives. General, multi-surface, non-corrosive, dual-cure and more, your sealing and bonding issues are cured. Loctite brings you better and faster formulations with more consistent drying times, and All-Spec delivers more of them to your door.

UV Light Cure

UV curable adhesives require no solvent to evaporate—just a high-intensity, ultraviolet light for an intensely fast cure time! Apply them to a variety of substrates requiring high strength, clear bondlines and a 100% seal. Shed light on more from All-Spec.

Dispensing Needles

Color coded based on the international standard, Loctite high-precision needles will exceed yours. Dispense adhesives quickly and effectively with the luer lock thread design for secure locking onto a syringe or valve. Dispense more with the range of tips you need to succeed.