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Luxo LED3000 Ring Lights Last for Up to 24 Years!

Stop spending the time and money to replace halogen lamps in your fiber optic microscope ring lights. Replace them instead with Luxo LED-3000 ring lights and get 50,000 hours of energy-efficient performance - the equivalent of 24 years of normal use!

The light's design maximizes light output and distribution and eliminates harmful glare and reflections. Its 40 individual pure-white LEDs draw only 9 watts of energy while producing up to 3600 footcandles at 4.5" working distance. It's a great choice for inspecting welds, solder joints, flux residues, hairline stress cracks and more.

In addition, the light is dimmable to 15% output, making it ideal for use with digital applications such as with Luxo's System 373 trinocular microscropes. The diffuser cover also comes off for easy cleaning and protects the LED array from damage and contamination.