3M Tapes

Masking Tapes and Duct Tapes

Common tapes that have been transformed and improved upon through the years by adding essential capabilities. Engineered by 3M’s brilliant design team to meet difficult, industry-specific challenges.

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Excellent general-purpose, high-performance tape for indoors and outdoors; commonly used to mask off areas for painting.

Example of use - mark, color code, protect, mask, seal or splice

  • Thin and easy to tear
  • Removable and often repositionable
  • Masks and protects

Duct Tape

Made with glass cloth or foil and widely used for joining and sealing, typically at low temperatures and in dry conditions.

Example of use - duct packing, sealing ductwork, holding insulation materials in place, seaming carpet padding, dustproofing filter banks and other general purposes such as repair, mending or patching

  • Moisture resistant
  • Easy to tear

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