Hit Pay Dirt and Save with the New Heat Gun
that Senses Surface Temps

There's a new sheriff in town. Traditional heat guns only display temperatures at the nozzle, which ain't worth a hill of beans.

Enter Proheat® STC heat gun from Master Appliance. Strike it rich with the world's first heat gun that actually senses and controls your work surface temperature. With this "newfangled" technology, the gun displays the surface temperature, lets you enter your target surface temperature, and then automatically regulates the heater to maintain your target temp—fast! Scuttlebutt is you'll save up to 13% on this master appliance until October 31.

You'll also save time because you're working in the upper limits of the cure zone. It's so easy to maintain the target temperature you avoid overheating and burning sensitive materials whether you are loosening adhesives or reflowing solder.

Lasso your favorite Proheat® STC model today, and start sensing your temps where it counts.

* The surface temperature sensing mode can be turned off and switched to standard nozzle temperature control on the
dual-mode PH-1610 and PH-1610K models.