Metcal - Free Tweezer Kit with Soldering System Purchase

It's a big deal. Be "two" demanding and save with the dual port MX-5210 from Metcal.

Multi-taskers, rejoice! Get more done simultaneously without breaking a sweat—or the bank. Metcal's dual port, simultaneous soldering and rework system works smarter, so you don't work harder. It uses SmartHeat technology. The MX-5210 senses how much power you need and automatically adjusts. For a limited time, make this smart purchase and get a free tweezer kit upgrade (MX-UK4).

Metcal. In electronics assembly, it's the name that rises to the top and to the occasion again and again. Metcal's SmartHeat technology detects variations in thermal load. It ensures the tip temperature remains constant and not the power supplied to it. Why is this important? Reduced risk of damage due to overheating, for starters.

Ready for two ports in a storm? Call or email us with your order today, and Metcal will send your order and free tweezer kit right to your door. Be sure to mention promo code METCALFALL2016.

  • Phone: (800) 537-0351
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Note, this offer cannot be redeemed online.

Get a load of power on demand.

  • Deliver the right amount of power directly to the joint
  • Chance of damage minimized
  • No over shooting
  • Self-regulated, rapid heaters
  • No operator controls means no operator errors
  • Calibration not required