Industrial & consumer use for cleaning & degreasing

Vapor degreasers
open-top & inline

Cold cleaners

Aerosol spray degreaser/cleaner

Automotive degreasers (engines, brakes)

Switch to a safer n-Propyl Bromide replacement from All-Spec

N-propyl bromide (aka. 1-Bromopropane, nPB, CAS# 106-94-5) is a powerful and effective commercial cleaner and degreaser, commonly used in industrial applications because of its non-flammability, high solvency and affordability. Applications include aerosol cleaners, in vapor degreasers, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, and immersion (cold) cleaning.

Although nPB has been approved for use under the U.S. EPA's Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) as a suitable replacement for ozone depleting chemicals since 2007, the EPA has determined that nPB solvent “presents an unreasonable risk for 16 conditions of use” in an August 2020 report.

The time is right to search for safer n-propyl bromide alternatives, and fortunately All-Spec offers suitable substitutes that match the performance of nPB and remain affordable.