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SCS 9110 Benchtop Ionizer

Engineered for high-speed neuralization, this single-fan unit delivers powerful static control housed in a convenient benchtop design.

  • Built-in automatic emitter point cleaner ensures long-term operation with less maintenance
  • Emitter pins are automatically cleaned every hour to mitigate the burden of daily checks
  • Provides an air speed of 500 feet/minute with a ±2.0 second decay time
  • Variable speed fan adjustment ensures a comfortable air flow
Overhead Air Ionizer header Overhead price

SCS 9310 Overhead Ionizer

With a three-fan overhead design built for rapid neutralization, the 9310 generates a balanced flow of ionized particles to control static charge.

  • Automatic built-in emitter point cleaner reduces system maintenance requirements
  • Emitter points are cleaned on a two-way hourly cleaning interval for maximum effectiveness
  • Delivers an air speed of 200 feet/minute with a <3.5 second decay time
  • High, medium and low fan speed settings ensure optimal user comfort