3M Tapes

Specialty Products

3M’s innovative line of specialty tapes provides solutions to a wide range of tasks. Types of tapes include metal foil, vinyl, polyester and glass cloth tapes, with additional options such as backing material, adhesive type, color, thickness, tensile strength and adhesion strength.

Example of use - minimizing vibrations in stereo systems

  • Vibration damping
  • Noise mitigation
  • Paper splicing
  • Safety lane marking

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Foam Tape

Creates a strong, durable bond on smooth and irregular surfaces; available as either a single-sided or double-sided tape.

Foil Tape

May be constructed of a variety of metals including copper, stainless steel and aluminum; offers wide-ranging capabilities—from flexible and flame-resistant to electrically conductive; use to protect cable and electrical wires.

Glass Cloth Tape

Combines high temperature resistance and high adhesion; very strong, abrasion-resistant backing; resists shrinking, rotting and burning; very stable in harsh environments.


Chemical resistant and can be used as a temporary chemical barrier; applicable to broad temperatures from -65°F/-54°C to 500°F/260°C; suitable for a variety of applications.

Polyester Tape

Used to splice, insulate, reinforce, protect and seal; used in the graphic arts, photography, metal finishing and electronics industries.

Polyimide Tape

Versatile and durable; removes cleanly and enables sharp paint lines; heat resistance to 500˚F; amber colored for easy visibility.

Splicing Tape

For web-splicing applications requiring thin-caliper, high-strength tape; use for flying, overlap and butt splices, as well as core starting, roll closing and tabbing; repulpable and non-repulpable.


Resistant to many solvents; ideal for numerous tough, impact wear and sliding applications; generally used to reduce squeaks where lubrication is not possible.

Vinyl Tape

Combines a vinyl backing with a rubber adhesive; ideal for marking lanes, indicating safety hazards, and color coding in factories, warehouses and parking lots; resists wear, weather and abrasion; bonds quickly to most surfaces.


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