The Truth About Dusters

Based on an original publication by Kevin Pawlowski, Senior Product Manager, Techspray.

Whether you call it compressed air, canned air or duster, this seemingly simple product is surrounded by misconceptions. Read on to learn more about common myths and to uncover the truth about industrial dusters.

Duster Is Not "Canned Air"

Aerosol duster constitutes of a refrigerant/propellant and is not actually air. Contrastingly, inhaling the vapors can actually lead to negative health effects. The following propellants are most commonly used to fill duster cans.

  • HFC-134a - This non-flammable formula is most commonly used for industrial applications.
  • HFC-152a - A less expensive alternative to HFC-134a, this formula is flammable and commonly used for consumer retail applications.
  • CO2 - With a higher pressure but less consistant spray force, this formula is generally supplied in low capacity cartridges.

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