Taking off the Gloves: There's No Reason for Non-Compliance

This article is based on an original publication by Ansell.

If you keep an eye on any group of plant workers for long enough, you're bound to notice someone removing their gloves - and possibly keeping them off. Citing issues ranging from job interference to personal discomfort, workers take off their gloves while on the job for any number of reasons. While periodic glove removal was once an unavoidable aspect of the job, modern fabrics, technologies and techniques allow workers to wear their gloves continuously, eliminating the old excuses:

1. "Gloves are not as comfortable as bare hands." Reportedly the primary reason for removal of hand protection, discomfort was once the product of bulky, ill-fitting gloves which contributed to hand fatigue and limited range of motion. Modern, ergonomically-designed gloves ensure flexibility and comfort while allowing for improved dexterity and decreased fatigue. Many newer hand protection products incorporate moisture management technologies with a breathable design to manage perspiration and lessen the risk of dermatitis.


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