Grounded in the manufacturing of innovative solutions

Transforming Technologies listens to your wishes, explores the possibilities, then turns them into realities. Whether it's creating a mat to lessen feet fatigue or significantly reducing the weight of a travel testing kit, Transforming Technologies provides innovative solutions to make your job more comfortable, easier and safer.

Cushy and Comfortable

ComfortTREAD Anti-Fatigue Runners

  • 100% molded rubber; it never comes apart
  • Honeycomb underside; gets softer when compressed
  • Rubber rebounds as you shift your weight; invigorating responsiveness
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Make Your Mat

GrooveSTAT V-Groove Matting

  • Build out using multiple 2' size mats to the length you need
  • Superior traction and simple to clean
  • 100% conductive rubber; 10^3-10^5 resistance
  • Meets or exceeds requirements of ANSI ESD-S20.20 and the recommendations of ESD STM7.1
  • Disperses static electricity faster than static dissipative mats
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Size Up Your Options

ESD Conductive Chair Mat & Runners

  • Numerous options; die cut "office-style" mats, runners in several lengths, or full rolls
  • Dense and durable but still lighter in weight than most floor mats
  • Lighter weight makes for easier shipping and handling
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The Weight is Off

SRM330 Surface Resistance Travel Kit

  • Two lightweight travel probes simulate and take the place of the 5 pound weights
  • Built-in parallel electrodes quickly measure surfaces
  • Ultimate travel testing kit for testing resistivity/resistance according to EOS/ESD, CECC, ANSI, ASTM test procedures
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