Treston packing benches bring employee comfort and efficiency together

Treston's leading innovation in packing bench solutions allows you to maximize productivity and minimize worker fatigue and potential injuries through ergonomically correct packing tables. Treston packing stations are suitable for almost any application thanks to higher-grade technology and flexible designs.

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Height Icon Stepless height-adjustable
Customize Icon Easily customized and configurable with 50+ accessories available
Assembly Icon Quick and easy assembly
Package Icon Adapts and grows as the packing needs of the facility change
Ergonomic Icon Complies with ergonomic standards
Bolt Icon Can be bolted to floor for more stability

Benefits of an ergonomically friendly environment

Improve employee comfort and wellbeing Increase productivity and performance
Reduce injuries and fatigue due to repetitive motion Reduce time and waste

Increase output and profit through proper ergonomics with Treston.

Treston Packing Bench TPB

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