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Weller® WE
Soldering Station

Harness 40%
More Power

Designed to replace Weller’s WES51 and WESD51, the Weller WE1010 soldering station puts more power in the palm of your hand, for increased efficiency and repeatable precision. »Watch the video

Strike a Power Pose.

In the world of solder, fast is powerful. Faster heating and recovery times lead to soldering efficiency and jobs completed with consistency, reliability and precision. Luckily Weller makes quick work of your tough soldering tasks with the powerful, new 70W digital WE1010 soldering station — engineered for robust functionality, with 40% greater capacity than its predecessors. It’s the power to accomplish more than you’d ever thought possible — right in the palm of your hand.

  • Designed to replace Weller WES51 and WESD51
  • Compatible with popular ET Series tips
  • Intelligent power design with intuitive navigation features
  • Easy-operation, high-performance iron
  • Auto setback feature conserves energy and prolongs tip life
  • Heat-resistant, ESD-safe silicone cable
  • Temperature lock and temperature stability functions ensure reliability
  • Password protection offers added security


Station 120V

Item #: WE1010NA

Tip Retainer

Item #: T0058770714

Soldering Iron

Item #: WEP70

Safety Rest w/Sponge

Item #: PH70

Sponge Replacement

Item #: TC205