Meet Challenging Rework Applications Head-On with the Weller WR3ME

Arm yourself with the versatility of the WR3ME series rework system from Weller, and you'll discover the flexibility, productivity and process control to meet even your most demanding rework challenges with ease. Packed with 400 watts of power uniquely distributed over three independently-controlled channels, the Weller WR3ME includes all the tips and components you need to ensure maximum efficiency and unmatched reliability for a range of modern rework tasks.

Increased Application Flexibility

With three distinct handpieces to allow for an extensive temperature range of 150°F to 999°F, the WR3ME is all about versatility. Ideal for use with ground plane and multilayer boards, units are compatible with up to 21 tool options to match any rework requirement.

Enhanced Productivity

Featuring a large, intuitive LED display, the WR3ME is designed to help you improve productivity and simplify rework. The WR3ME needs just five seconds to reach temperature performance, and arrives ready to go, right out the box - so you can get down to business.

Improved Process Control

With an ESD-safe design for superior reliability, temperature stability and maximum control over critical rework processes, the WR3ME series features a unique, proprietary software designed to enable PC connectivity and simplify data charting.


Enjoy Best-Ever Pricing

Weller's new bundled kits include just the essentials you need so the WR3ME has never been more affordable. And for a limited time, you can claim your rework system for even less, and save up to 30% off list pricing.

WR5000M Multi-Channel Digital Rework System
WR3000TS Digital Rework System
WR3000TA Digital Rework System
WR3000SS Digital Rework System
WR3000SA Digital Rework System
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Multi-Channel Digital Rework System with WR3M, WR2, WP65, WMRP, DSX120, WMRT & HAP200
3 Function Digital Rework System with WMRP, DXV80, & WMRT
3 Function Digital Rework System with WMRT, WP80 & HAP200
3 Function Digital Rework System with WR3ME, WP80 & DXV80
3 Function Digital Rework System with DXV80, WP80 & HAP200