Why Choose Wera?

Top Ten Reasons to Try Wera Tools

If you thought you had a handle on hand tools, think again. You've never met a company like Wera before. Read on to discover the many reasons why you should give this refreshingly innovative company - and their inventive, problem-tackling solutions - a try.

Wera is known for their uniquely effective products like the Joker, which combines limit stop and anti-slip features with a small return angle to make it the perfect fit for any ratcheting task.
Stylishly ergonomic, Wera Tools have received numerous awards for product design. The Zyklop, which combines five types of ratchets into one, has been recipient of both International Forum and RedDot design awards.
With thousands of products, there's always a perfect Wera tool handy. The Kraftform line alone is available in standard, stainless, and "Kompakt" versions, all designed to transfer an optimal level of torque.
Wera offers extensive, realistic training and demonstration opportunities - either onsite at customer locations or at their own "Werarium" facility at the company's Germany HQ.
Wera's distinct line is developed and manufactured through a tightly monitored process that consistently results in near-perfect customer satisfaction.
Wera maintains availability for any product in the catalog range at nearly 100%. Products are shipped fast and reliably to locations around the globe.
All products are guaranteed for safety and unbeatable performance. Wera is ISO-certified with numerous trademark rights worldwide to protect customers from substandard imitations.
With a fully trained and experienced staff, Wera responds to product-related queries quickly and competently.
Wera products are engineered to include innovative features like System BiTorsion for increased reliability, Lasertip to prevent slipping, and Hex-Plus for wear prevention.
Products are sold through a local network of representatives and agents throughout the world, each trained and available to provide support, assistance and personalized attention.